The New Bed

So, my creative time has been drastically limited this week.  Between getting ready for Halloween, my Mother-in-law’s 60th birthday and preparing for the arrival of our new bed… I’m exhausted.  Luckily I have a huge, comfortable, warm new bed to rest in! 

I’ve been mostly gathering ideas this week, but I haven’t had the time to execute any of them.  I’d like to think that I will get around to some of my projects this weekend, but with a concert this Friday, Halloween activities this Saturday, and Sunday to re-organize the house (spare bedroom is now becoming the office/craft room and the spare bed is going down in my daughter’s room to replace her old loft bed)… I might just take a creative break this week.  Some break, huh?


Cake Balls!!!

So, if you haven’t tried cake balls yet… YOU ARE SOOOO MISSING OUT!!!!  These things are little bites of awesome.  I highly recommend!

This weekend I make Orange Vanilla Cakeballs with Dark Chocolate Coating.  I didn’t really have a recipe for this particular type of cake balls, but that’s the great thing about this dessert… you can do whatever combination or cake, frosting and coating you like. 

Here is the jest of it…

  1. Prepare the cake mix according to package directions.  For this recipe, I used vanilla cake and added 1 tbsp of orange extract and some orange food coloring.  When the cake is done baking, crumble it up while it’s warm into a large bowl, and stir in a container or cake frosting until your concoction is crumbly and moist (I added 1 tsp orange extract and some food coloring to the frosting as well).  
  2. Use a melon baller or small scoop to form balls of the cake mixture – then realize that you don’t need the melon baller, say “screw this” and just use your hands (or at least thats what I do).  Once you’ve rolled all your balls, place them in the freezer for at least an hour.
  3. Melt chocolate coating in a double boiler over the stove (I used dark chocolate candy chips that I got from Michael’s – I would suggest getting 2 packages for every box of cake).  Dip the balls into the chocolate using a toothpick or fork to hold them. Place on waxed paper to set.   Once they are set, enjoy and try not to eat them all in one sitting!

Here  is a picture of what mine looked like…

Orange Cake Balls with Dark Chocolate Coating

Orange Cake Balls with Dark Chocolate Coating

They were a huge hit.  I made them Saturday night and with a little help from my husband, daughter, sister and brother-in-law… Let’s just say it’s time to make some more cakeballs!  And go to the gym…

I need to get a round “tu-it”…

So I was saying last week that I was going to work on the creative memories frame (see the post from 10/16).  And not to disappoint, I have worked on it… a little…

I picked out a really beautiful rustic frame.  I found some cute, but simple ribbon and two metal buttons for the “clothesline” thingy in the front.  I even glued the ribbon and buttons onto the frame.

However, that is as far as I have got.  I know I promised pictures, but a few other projects with time constraints have gotten in the way.  I’ll try and work on it some more this weekend and have pictures by next week (crossing my fingers and my toes).  Wish me luck!


I really need to quit my job so I can just “craft” all day!


I can not work anymore today!!!  I’m going to go postal!

Okay, breathe……

Let me explain.

I work on something creative just about every night.  I usually work on jewelry, but often try and mix it up by trying my hand at scrapbooking,  painting, experimental cooking… or whatever.  I come home from work and I HAVE to do something to stimulate the “out of the box” function in my brain.  I HAVE to do this in order to keep my sanity.  There is no, I mean absolutely zero, nada, zip, zilch creativity in my job.  And if I don’t come home and do something to arouse the right hemisphere of my brain, I’m likely to internally combust. 

I know I have a good job.  I am paid well, I am allowed a lot of independence (which is an upside most of the time), I have great benefits, I work with some pretty great people, yadda, yadda, yadda…  However, I would trade it all away for the chance to make little or nothing doing something that I loved and took pride in.  I recently talked to my husband about going back to school and getting a masters degree in Interior Design (my BA is in business).  I think it would be really good for me and that I would be really good at it.

I have to wait until he is done with nursing school, however.  It’s only 2 or so years away…  I just hope I’m not living in a padded room sporting a restrictive jacket by that time. 

That being said, I can not handle “researching” any more today.  I am really looking forward to getting home so that I can work on something… anything… I don’t care.

Knock Off Creative Memories Frame…

So I was at a craft fair not too long ago, and I saw this frame that was being sold at a Creative Memories booth. I’m not much of a scrapbooker, so I don’t usually bother looking at their stuff, but this frame really got my attention. It was so cute and you could do so much with it (see the photo below).


Creative Memories Frame
Creative Memories Frame


So I inquired. They want $52 for the frame. $52?!? For that price, not only should you get the frame, but I think all the work should be done by a professional scrapbooker. And even then, it seems a little pricey!

So I thought about it and decided that I could make something similar for much, MUCH cheaper. My Mom had about 50 old frames that she had been saving for her artwork, so I asked her for a few to experiment with. I’m going to work on them this weekend and then I will post some pictures. I think they should make great Christmas gifts!! Wish me luck!

Christmas is coming…

So, I know it’s not even Halloween yet, but I have been seriously thinking about Christmas lately. I plan on being EXTRA crafty this holiday season and making the majority of my gifts.

I’ve been thinking of things to create other than my usual jewelry. Some of the ideas that I have come up with:

– homemade sugar scrubs in various scents

– homemade truffles in decorative boxes

– coasters and large decorative tiles made with tile from the hardware store (posibily painted and/or with vinyl lettering)

– Magnet sets in decorative altoids boxes

I am also thinking about knitting a few things. I’m not a great knitter and it becomes pretty time consuming for me, so it hasn’t been set in stone. However, I would really like to make fingerless gloves and the scarflettes that seem to be pretty popular right now (see pic).

I love this one, however I'm not talented enough for "cable knit" yet...

I love this one, however I'm not talented enough for "cable knit" yet...

We’ll have to see what I get around to, but I promise to blog about my exporations as they come about!

Hello world!

Creativity is messy, and I am very creative.  I am starting this blog as an attempt to document some of my creative ideas and escapades.  I am hoping this will be helpful (to someone).  If anything, it should be good for a laugh – most likely at my expense…

Anyway, here goes nothing…