I can not work anymore today!!!  I’m going to go postal!

Okay, breathe……

Let me explain.

I work on something creative just about every night.  I usually work on jewelry, but often try and mix it up by trying my hand at scrapbooking,  painting, experimental cooking… or whatever.  I come home from work and I HAVE to do something to stimulate the “out of the box” function in my brain.  I HAVE to do this in order to keep my sanity.  There is no, I mean absolutely zero, nada, zip, zilch creativity in my job.  And if I don’t come home and do something to arouse the right hemisphere of my brain, I’m likely to internally combust. 

I know I have a good job.  I am paid well, I am allowed a lot of independence (which is an upside most of the time), I have great benefits, I work with some pretty great people, yadda, yadda, yadda…  However, I would trade it all away for the chance to make little or nothing doing something that I loved and took pride in.  I recently talked to my husband about going back to school and getting a masters degree in Interior Design (my BA is in business).  I think it would be really good for me and that I would be really good at it.

I have to wait until he is done with nursing school, however.  It’s only 2 or so years away…  I just hope I’m not living in a padded room sporting a restrictive jacket by that time. 

That being said, I can not handle “researching” any more today.  I am really looking forward to getting home so that I can work on something… anything… I don’t care.


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