Awesome Craigslist Find!!!

Oh my goodness… OH MY GOODNESS!!!!  I am so super excited about my newest craigslist find!!  I just purchased an antique Woodstock Typewriter for $10!!!  I’ve been wanting to find an old typewriter to use for jewelry for so long, but have not been willing to shell out $50 for typewriter keys or $100 for a typewriter I am just going to turn around and destroy.  But for 10 bucks?!? 

My only problem now is that it is so cool looking, I’m afraid to destroy it.  Maybe I can turn the rest of it into some sort of planter or something….


A Woodstock Typewriter



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  1. lauren
    Nov 30, 2009 @ 18:18:43

    Ohhhh, I am totally jealous! I just found your blog by searching around for the same exact thing myself. I want the keys for my art but don’t want to spend $50+ for them. I am looking specifically for the white keys too. Lucky you… what an awesome find!


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