Mmmmm…. Beer Soap…..

So I decided to dabble a little in the art of soap making. However, I chose to go the easy, less time-consuming, less toxic route and tried my hand at the melt and pour technique. 

I’ve heard and read all about the different ingredients that you can put into soap and all the benefits that go along with them.  However, the one that has always intrigued me is beer.  It is said to be very good for the skin, plus I know what to do with the leftovers!

I bought some melt and pour glycerin soap at Michael’s that also contained goats milk.  I also bought some different essential oils at Super Supplements (and had a few on hand) like clove oil, orange oil, tea tree, lemon, lavender and peppermint.  I bought some Guiness, poured a can into a cup and let it sit until it was flat and could be worked with.  I melted the soap, mixed in the beer and oils, then poured the concoction into a soap mold.  I  let it sit for and hour or so and then released it from the mold.  Easy peasy pumpkin pie. 

Tip: I did read that your soap to liquid ration should be about 4:1 for it to set correctly.  I see this being a very important tip that may have saved me a lot of time and frustration in the process. 

One thing I really liked about making the soap is that if I didn’t think the scent was strong enough, I could cut up the bar of soap, re-melt it and then add more oil.  It was a no-brainer and I have the facilities for it (especially this time of year).

I am a pretty sensitive skinned person, so I tested some of the samples I made (leftover that I poured into dixie cups for testers) out in the shower the next morning and it was NICE!!!  My favorites were “Citrus and Clove” and “Peppermint”.  They lather up really well and leave my skin soft without irritating it.

I covered them in a little syran wrap, labeled them “Tera’s Drunken Goat Soap” and put them in Christmas cellophane bags with curly ribbon for gifts.  Finally, a craft project without a thousand hic-ups!!


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