“You did what with my old t-shirts?”

Another day, another craft….  this one turned out really cool!! 

I saw a book the other day at Michael’s and paroosed through it as I waited in the tremendously long line (my fault for going there on a saturday, less than 2 weeks before Christmas).  The book is called “Generation T” and has some awesome ideas to turn boring old t-shirts into fabulous fashions.  I am going to go back and get it for my daughter who loves to make t-shirt designs, but I have to wait for another 40% off coupon.

Anyway, the book had this idea for a scarf made from an old t-shirt.  Which was super cute, but required a little bit of sewing.  Since I don’t have a sewing machine, I went home and googled “t-shirt scarf”.  I found some of the cutest designs, many of which required no sewing at all. 

Next I found some under t-shirts of my husbands that he has never worn because they were too short (being 6’6″ – it happens much too often).  I chose those because they are super soft and have no seams on the sides.  I took some fabric dye and dyed them a light teal color.  Once they were dyed, washed well and dried, I got out my sharp scissors and started snipping. 

I cut across the shirt just under the armpits.  Then I cut off the bottom seam.  This left me with a “tube”.  I laid the tube down flat and cut 1″ wide strips from side to side leaving me with around 10 strips of fabric that formed a circle.  I cut a strip from what was remaining from the t-shirt that was 1″ wide and about 1′ long.  I gathered my 10 strips and tied them together with the extra piece.

Example I found to inspire....

My Pink Tie-Dye Scarf

  I like to double it around my neck for a fuller look and warmer feel. 

Pink Tie-Dyed Scarf wrapped twice

I plan on trying some of the other designs that I found as well.  I’ll keep you all posted on how they turn out!


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  1. creativityismessy
    Jan 11, 2010 @ 21:01:10

    BTW – I found out that Michael’s won’t let you use the coupons on their books. You can find in on-line at many different sites. However, I found it at Barnes and Noble just in time to give it to my daughter for Christmas. I bought her the first book, but there is also another enstallment our there with all new ideas. We both are loving it! I highly recomend it!!


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