The Craft Room…

I haven’t been blogging much lately (or doing much of anything), as Christmas completely kicked my a$$.  However, this weekend I am partaking in a long outstanding tradition in the Larson Household of ridding the house of all the crap we no longer use and making room for all the new stuff we got this Christmas.  In addition, this year I will begin the process of redecorating my master bedroom and revamping my spare bedroom into my craft room/office.  I am super excited.

I found some “inspiration” to start off my craft room at Pier 1 this week….

INSPIRE sign from Pier 1

 I haven’t completely figured out the entire craft room, but I know it will have a lot of color.  I am leaning toward turquoise walls with coral colored accents (like a rug, drapes, etc.), but nothing is set in stone.  I want it to be extremely colorful and lively in order to really get my creative juices flowing. 

It more than likely will be a slow process, but I’m hoping the majority will be done within the month or so.  I’ll keep my blog up to date with pics of both rooms…


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