The Craft Table and My “Trip” Down the Stairs

I’m sore.  Also tired… somewhat hungry… a little grumpy… but mostly sore. 

I planned on writing in my blog today about the amazing craft table that I finished this weekend.  I was inspired by an old window that my husband wanted to get rid of, but I insisted we keep because I knew I could find a purpose for it.  I came up with an idea to upcycle the window into a table top for a tall craft table to use in my new craft room.  I went to Lowes, got all the necessary materials and a little advice to begin my project.  I set up my garage (equiped with a heater) as my workspace for my table-building expedition.  I took pictures as I progressed in my first attempt at making any-sort of furniture.  I was so truly proud! 

Anyway, I had just gotten the table legs attached to the plywood frame when I had to go inside to grab some more tools.  As I went back out to the garage with my hands full of tools and such, I stepped down on to one of the icy concrete steps leading to our back patio, when suddenly…. Slip, SMACK, BOOM, BAM!!!  My legs slipped out from under me and I fell down the stairs.  There I am… laying on the cold concrete ground, looking like a toolbox exploded all over me, making sure I wasn’t impaled by a screwdriver or shot by the staple gun and trying to hold back the tears…  Thank God my cell phone was in my pocket and I was able to call my husband (who was inside the house) to come and help me.

I did manage to get a few more things done before my body completely stiffed up and was unable to move most of Sunday.  I don’t think I did any major damage.  No bones broken, no twisted ankles, injured wrists or torn knee tendons.  I think my tailbone took the brunt of the fall and it seems to be in one piece.  I do have a nice couple of bruises to show off however (don’t worry – I didn’t take any pictures of those).

I am feeling a little better today, but I may just wait until I have my full range of motion back before I go finishing the table.  Or at least wait until we invest in some ice-melt…  Ouchie….


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