Knock Off Creative Memories Frame, Part Deux…

For all those keeping track, many months ago (October 16th, to be exact) I talked about this amazing creative memories frame that I saw at a craft fair, but was not willing to pay $50 for it.  So I decided to make my own.

Here is what the Creative Memories Version looks like….


Well ladies and gentleman, the day has finally came.  I finally put together the finishing touches on my frame tonight.

I had this “shadowbox” frame, which worked nicely because it added a lot of depth to the project.


close up detail of the "clothesline"

I simply took scrap paper and punched our dozens of little daisy flowers and glued them onto the frame.  Then I made the “friendship” sign from paper and a vinyl transfer that I had gotten as a gift at an Uppercase Living party.  I hot glued the ribbon to the outside of the frame, and glued little bows onto some clips that I found at the craft store.  I took some daisy buttons and clipped off the loop so that they were flush on the back side.  I then glued those on over the ribbon on each side.  Then I added my finishing touches with some black and white photos and a cute puppy Valentines Day card.

Wasn’t too hard or time consuming, I just tend to put things like this off when life gets crazy.  Sorry it took so long!


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