Eco-Friendly in Eastern Washington

Welcome to my first “feature” blog!  I am really excited to talk about other creative people besides myself for a change!  And I couldn’t have picked a better group to select from for my first attempt at this. 

I am part of a team of sellers on Etsy from the Eastern Washington Area.  We have an amazing group of talented artisans, many of whom are very eco-conscious.  So as part of my Earth Day resolution, I have selected a small sample of some of the wonderful Eco-Friendly products made from members in my group. 

This bag made by Leanna is made from eco-friendly handmade fabric.  She uses almost all of her scrap fabric from other projects and incorporates them into her purses.  “I throw away less than 1 pound of fabric in a years time”.  

You can find this purse (and others) in Leanna’s shop

Sapphire Night Handbag by BitsandPurses

Besides making the most gorgeous paper flowers, Randi from Ragnazldnar makes these very cool upcycled writing journals/sketchbooks and cashier journals.  This journal is one of a kind and made from a vintage hardback book. 

Upcycled Notebook by Ragnazldar


Can you believe the earrings below are partially upcycled?  These gorgeous earrings made my Malerie from Postscriped are made from czech glass beads and upcycled antique brass chain.  Such a beautiful mix of old and new! 
You can see more of Malerie’s designs at

Green Tea n' Honey Earrings by Postscripted


This is just a handful of earth-friendly sellers on Etsy (and just a handful in my group).  I will be featuring more eco-conscious sellers in the weeks to come!  Stay tuned!

Snickerdoodle Cupcakes

I attempted a little baking experiment last night that I wanted to share!

Snickerdoodle Cupcakes! (insert royal trumpet music here)

I visited a small french cafe a few weeks back and indulged in one of their fine pastries.  I have always been a fan of snickerdoodles, and I (like most people) love cupcakes, so when I saw that the two had a baby and sold them out of the cooler at Madeline’s Cafe… well, needless to say I was ecstatic!

Now, I am not dogging on Madeline’s cupcake.  It was good.  But my expectations being so high, I was a little disappointed.  I definitely thought it could be better – so I decided to make it so.

I am no Martha Stewart.  I bake from mixes as often as I can, and I believe that is okay.  I think if you do it right, mixes can be just as good.  So here is my “recipe” for Snickerdoodle cupcakes.

Pillsbury Moist Supreme White Cake Mix

1 cup water

1/3 cup oil

3 eggs

1/4 cup sugar

1 tbsp cinnamon

I mixed the above ingredients and baked the cupcakes as directed.  Once they cooled, I took another 1/4 cup sugar and 1 tbsp of cinnamon and mixed it in a small bowl.  I frosted the cupcakes with “whipped” vanilla frosting and then dipped them into the sugar/cinnamon mixture.


I’m telling you, that doughboy and I have a wonderful relationship.  Delicious!

Happy 40th Birthday Earth Day!

I have never claimed to live a completely eco-friendly life.  I, like many others, often do or use what is “convenient” instead of what is “earth friendly”.  However, I try to make up for the “not-so-great” behaviors with twice as many “great” behaviors. 

I recycle A LOT.  Which is not always easy living here in Spokane.  Our city recycling is pretty limited.  I long for the day that Spokane (like other cities) has the huge bins for recycling and the small little containers for garbage.  I even recycle at work, even though my work does not participate in my eco-enthusiasm.

I make a lot of things from what people would consider “trash” as well… old t-shirts, bottle caps, magazines, lost buttons, forgotten jewelry… pretty much anything that inspires creativity in me.  Just another way I recycle…

I pick up litter – sometimes in an organized group, other times on my own when it crosses my path.

I use re-usable grocery and shopping bags.

I have efficient appliances in my home.

I drive a fuel-efficient car. 

I use a lot of natural products and eat a lot of organic and natural food.  I even grow some of my own veggies in the summer.  I love going to farmers markets and local grocers (but I could do it more).

I pretty much do the things that come easy to me.  Now, I just have to work on some of the things that don’t come so easy…

In honor of the 40th year of celebrating Earth Day, I have decided to try to slowly cut out some of the bad behaviors that I partake in my day-to-day life.  Here is my Earth Day resolutions…

1) Unless I am having a party, I will no longer use paper plates or plastic utensils. (I’m ashamed of this, but I use them almost daily because I hate doing dishes…)

2) I will consider riding my bike to places when a car is not necessary.  Good for the environment… good for me.

3) I will install a clothes line for drying in the summer.

4) (Boy, I hope my husband is not reading this….) I will TRY and minimize the amount of new clothing that I purchase for myself and my family.  When I can, I will re-vamp existing items in my closet.  I will consider buying used.  And when I “have” to buy something new, I will try to buy brands that participate in good environmental practices.

5) I will open a window or put on a sweater, instead of turning on the AC or up the heat.

6) I will cut down on (maybe cut out) red meat.  Not just for health reasons, but the impact that the meat industry has on greenhouse gas emissions. 

7) I will invest in re-usable lunch baggies for me and my family.

8) Lastly, overall, I will consume less, share more and live more simply.

Also, I will start featuring a “eco-friendly” artisan/crafter/company on my blog each week.  Please check back next week when I will put together a selection of recycled and repurposed items from members of my Eastern Washington Etsy Team.

New Ideas for Old T-Shirts

So, I’ve been making recycled t-shirt scarves for a while now, and I just love it.  They are so fun to play with and I love the comments I get when I wear them.  

Recently, I decided to try a few new ideas using salvaged t-shirts as a medium.  I’ve made a few flower brooches using some of the scraps I had left over in making my scarves.  They are quick, simple, and they accent the scarves really well.  Here is an example… 

Coral Pink Recycled T Shirt Scarf with a White Rose Brooch

Also, flower “Bib” Necklaces are pretty new to the market and are really becoming popular.  I had seen a few at a boutique recently and just fell in love with the idea.  But, I wanted to make it my own, so I decided to try and create one using some of the excess scraps.  I have to say I am really impressed with my first run at it. 

My first "Bib" Necklace


You can find this for sale in my Etsy shop, just $35. 

Also, if you haven’t already, please check out my Facebook page and become a fan!  Almost 100 fans in one week!  

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Just a quick blog today…

To help promote sales to my Etsy shop ( I have created a Facebook fan page.  If you would like to get updates of new items and upcoming events, please visit!/pages/Creativity-is-Messy/ (or just search for “Creativity is Messy”) and become a fan!

P.s.  Spring Open House will be Saturday, June 5th from 10am to 4pm!  Save the date!

I Don’t Wanna Grow Up…

“All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.” -Picasso

My solution:  I refuse to grow up.  (I don’t wanna!  I don’t wanna!  You can’t make me!)

So, I have been pretty bad about blogging (again).  So I thought I would just give a brief overview of the things I have been up to, thinking about, trying not to think about and refusing to acknowledge.

Etsy has been going okay.  I have been selling for 2 months now and have 7 sales.  I keep hearing that it is super slow right now for sellers, so I am hoping that things will pick up even more.  I’m just happy to be selling anything – especially since I am a newbie to Etsy. 

My Spring Open House will more than likely be late in May, but not the weekend of Mother’s day like it normally is (and not Memorial Day weekend).  I have decided to shoot for later in the month to try and be more prepared.  If I still need more time, I am going to have in the first weekend in June… stay tuned for more info!

I have been working diligently on jewelry, but have also been working on scarves, magnets, hair clips and brooches.  I am considering getting rid of the “Heaven and Earth Jewelry” name and just sticking with “Creativity is Messy”.  It seems to fit and it allows more room for growth into other craft areas.  I will be including some of my new “mediums” in this years spring show for people to check out.  I would love your imput!

Outside of the “crafting” arena, life is… well… life.  I keep trying to run away from it, but it won’t let me.  Work is crazy busy.  I took last week off (because I had to use my vacation time before I lost it) and am now even more behind.  Home is crazy as well.  So much going on! 

Sometimes I feel like I have 3 or 4 full time jobs…  and it is times like those that I just want to sit at the dining room table with a hot cup of coco, like I did when I was a kid and color.  But I usually settle for my craft table, a latte and my beads.