Happy 40th Birthday Earth Day!

I have never claimed to live a completely eco-friendly life.  I, like many others, often do or use what is “convenient” instead of what is “earth friendly”.  However, I try to make up for the “not-so-great” behaviors with twice as many “great” behaviors. 

I recycle A LOT.  Which is not always easy living here in Spokane.  Our city recycling is pretty limited.  I long for the day that Spokane (like other cities) has the huge bins for recycling and the small little containers for garbage.  I even recycle at work, even though my work does not participate in my eco-enthusiasm.

I make a lot of things from what people would consider “trash” as well… old t-shirts, bottle caps, magazines, lost buttons, forgotten jewelry… pretty much anything that inspires creativity in me.  Just another way I recycle…

I pick up litter – sometimes in an organized group, other times on my own when it crosses my path.

I use re-usable grocery and shopping bags.

I have efficient appliances in my home.

I drive a fuel-efficient car. 

I use a lot of natural products and eat a lot of organic and natural food.  I even grow some of my own veggies in the summer.  I love going to farmers markets and local grocers (but I could do it more).

I pretty much do the things that come easy to me.  Now, I just have to work on some of the things that don’t come so easy…

In honor of the 40th year of celebrating Earth Day, I have decided to try to slowly cut out some of the bad behaviors that I partake in my day-to-day life.  Here is my Earth Day resolutions…

1) Unless I am having a party, I will no longer use paper plates or plastic utensils. (I’m ashamed of this, but I use them almost daily because I hate doing dishes…)

2) I will consider riding my bike to places when a car is not necessary.  Good for the environment… good for me.

3) I will install a clothes line for drying in the summer.

4) (Boy, I hope my husband is not reading this….) I will TRY and minimize the amount of new clothing that I purchase for myself and my family.  When I can, I will re-vamp existing items in my closet.  I will consider buying used.  And when I “have” to buy something new, I will try to buy brands that participate in good environmental practices.

5) I will open a window or put on a sweater, instead of turning on the AC or up the heat.

6) I will cut down on (maybe cut out) red meat.  Not just for health reasons, but the impact that the meat industry has on greenhouse gas emissions. 

7) I will invest in re-usable lunch baggies for me and my family.

8) Lastly, overall, I will consume less, share more and live more simply.

Also, I will start featuring a “eco-friendly” artisan/crafter/company on my blog each week.  Please check back next week when I will put together a selection of recycled and repurposed items from members of my Eastern Washington Etsy Team.


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  1. creativityismessy
    Apr 21, 2010 @ 21:19:03

    And if you have any other suggestions for things that I can do to make my carbon footprint smaller, please share!


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