Handmade, Eco-Friendly Gifts for Him

I often find it hard to come across great, unique, handmade gifts for men.  I find it even harder to come across great, unique, handmade gifts for men that are also eco-friendly… 

So this year, for Father’s Day, I decided to make it my mission to find an original gift for the hubby that would not only be something that he would love, but also something that would show he loves the earth.  Oh, and if it was affordable?… Bonus points!!

In my quest, I can across an amazing seller, Mindy Humphrey of Mindy’s Beer Gear (aka MindysDesigns).  Mindy makes the wallets, purses, luggage tags and wrist cuffs from beer boxes.  Being that Jeff (my hubby) was in desperate need of a new wallet, I was beyond stoked when I found this awesome shop on Etsy.

Mindy’s wallets are recycled from used 6-pack beer boxes.  The outsides are covered in a clear vinyl and the inside are lined with a black or white vinyl.  This not only makes them durable (essential for men) but also waterproof (essential for beer-drinkers)!  Not only are they recycled and earth-friendly, but she does not use any leather so they are Vegan friendly as well.

I don’t know if my husband ever met a beer he didn’t like, but his favorite brew is Curve Ball Ale by the Pyramid Brewing Company.  It’s a seasonal beer, and luckily is available through the spring and summer (baseball season).  When I looked, Mindy didn’t have any Curveball items in her shop, but when I contacted her she told me that she happen to have a box there and could whip me up a wallet in no time.  I had the wallet in my sweet little hands in less than a week!

Jeppy's New Wallet

Jeff loves his new wallet and gets compliments on it all the time.  And now, I have some great ideas for the men in my life come Christmas time!  Thanks Mindy 🙂


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