Sweet Sock Monkeys!!

Much like every Christmas, I have been wracking my brain trying to find cute, handmade items to give this year.  Cute, and preferably affordable. 

I, much like many others, always seem to have a hard time finding gifts for the kiddos in my life that fit this criteria and usually end up buying them some sort of mass-produced toy.  Shame….

However, this year I think I have found an artisan to help me in this area.  Meet Heidi and her adorable Sock Monkeys! 





Heidi is the talented owner of Heidi BG – Art for Children on Etsy.  Besides these sweet little sock monkeys, Heidi is also a very talented illustrator.  She does some of the most adorable nursery artwork out there, including custom portraits that are truly amazing!  On of my favorite pieces (other than her adorable sock monkeys) is her Custom Bunting Pennant Banners seen below.


So if you are anything like me, and are looking for some great gifts for the little ones in your life this holiday season, check out Heidi’s shop and help support a very talented small business owner!


Autumn is in full swing…

That’s right.  Summer is over and Autumn is here. 

As much as I hate the cooler weather, I am loving the rich and rustic colors I see all around me.  And I am looking forward to one of my favorite family traditions…  our annual trip to Green Bluff. 

Every year a few weeks before Halloween, our family takes a short drive up towards Mt. Spokane to the small farming community known as Green Bluff.  We take the entire day and visit several farms and partake in many of the fun family activities they set up. 

We usually start at the Harvest House, grab an espresso and a dozen pumpkin donuts (they are small and absolutely delish, so a dozen doesn’t last long).  We sit, enjoy our goodies, listen to live music and relax in the crisp autumn air.  The Harvest House also has fresh produce and an amazing selection of baked goods to buy, and we rarely get out of there without investing in some.

Angie enjoying an espresso and a few pumpkin donuts at the Harvest House

Another of our favorite stops is Walter’s Fruit Ranch.  Walter’s is well-known in this area for its amazing homemade fruit pies, preserves and syrups.  And they always have a great sugar-free selection.  I love to grab a fresh hot cider from the Cider Haus (the farm’s big, red barn) and then go into the store and grab a pie or two.  Walter’s also has the “Fruit Loop Express” – a tractor pulled tour of the ranch that stops in the orchard and allows you to pick your own fruit.   Lots of family fun!

Another great place to visit is Siemers Farm.  We don’t always stop here, but when my daughter was a bit younger, it was a yearly must.  Siemers has a lot of the same features as the Harvest House and Walter’s, but it is definitely designed to appeal to the kids.  In addition to great food, craft vendors, an awesome farm store and a very cool gift shop, Siemers also has a giant blow up slide and a very large corn maze.  In the middle of the corn maze is a four-story “castle” for the kids to explore.  

The Corn and Hedge Maze at Siemer's Farms

There are also several farms up on Green Bluff where you can pick your own pumpkins.  And many places like The Harvest House have areas where you can choose from just picked pumpkins, if you prefer to do it that way.  

If you would like more information on Green Bluff or any of the Farms I mentioned, you can find it here:


Happy Autumn to all!  Now to get me some pumpkin donuts…