A Dog’s Love

On the weekends, if I wake up before the rest of the house, I like to go sit in the living room chair and watch out our front picture window.  Angus, our Golden Retriever, loves to sit next to me in “his” chair.  Often he too watches out the window, or sometimes just stares at me as sip my morning coffee.  I just love our little quality morning time together!

It's tough being this darn cute!


Resolutions…. Blah!

I will not set myself up for failure.  I will set goals that are too lofty for me to achieve.  Instead this year, I simply vow to “Be Who I Be” and “Love me for me”!

Cute little canvas by lemonswithapea on Etsy

Have a wonderful 2012!

Autumn is in full swing…

That’s right.  Summer is over and Autumn is here. 

As much as I hate the cooler weather, I am loving the rich and rustic colors I see all around me.  And I am looking forward to one of my favorite family traditions…  our annual trip to Green Bluff. 

Every year a few weeks before Halloween, our family takes a short drive up towards Mt. Spokane to the small farming community known as Green Bluff.  We take the entire day and visit several farms and partake in many of the fun family activities they set up. 

We usually start at the Harvest House, grab an espresso and a dozen pumpkin donuts (they are small and absolutely delish, so a dozen doesn’t last long).  We sit, enjoy our goodies, listen to live music and relax in the crisp autumn air.  The Harvest House also has fresh produce and an amazing selection of baked goods to buy, and we rarely get out of there without investing in some.

Angie enjoying an espresso and a few pumpkin donuts at the Harvest House

Another of our favorite stops is Walter’s Fruit Ranch.  Walter’s is well-known in this area for its amazing homemade fruit pies, preserves and syrups.  And they always have a great sugar-free selection.  I love to grab a fresh hot cider from the Cider Haus (the farm’s big, red barn) and then go into the store and grab a pie or two.  Walter’s also has the “Fruit Loop Express” – a tractor pulled tour of the ranch that stops in the orchard and allows you to pick your own fruit.   Lots of family fun!

Another great place to visit is Siemers Farm.  We don’t always stop here, but when my daughter was a bit younger, it was a yearly must.  Siemers has a lot of the same features as the Harvest House and Walter’s, but it is definitely designed to appeal to the kids.  In addition to great food, craft vendors, an awesome farm store and a very cool gift shop, Siemers also has a giant blow up slide and a very large corn maze.  In the middle of the corn maze is a four-story “castle” for the kids to explore.  

The Corn and Hedge Maze at Siemer's Farms

There are also several farms up on Green Bluff where you can pick your own pumpkins.  And many places like The Harvest House have areas where you can choose from just picked pumpkins, if you prefer to do it that way.  

If you would like more information on Green Bluff or any of the Farms I mentioned, you can find it here:


Happy Autumn to all!  Now to get me some pumpkin donuts…

I’m protesting winter!

We received 15″ of new snow yesterday morning.  This morning when I woke up, the temp was hovering around zero degrees and with the wind gusts felt like 10 below.   I am SO over winter… I need spring to come fast!!

I have decided to protest winter, in hopes it will feel unwelcome and leave.  Or that spring will get a boost of confidence and beat the crap out of old man winter.  Who’s with me?

What is in store for 2011?

Well, last year sure was a jammed-packed, overflowing, full of delicious goodness-type of year!  I’m excited to see what 2011 has in store for Creativity is Messy!!


As many people do, I have made some goals and resolutions for the new year… and I’d thought I’d share them with you!


1)  Be more organized.  Okay, so this is one resolution that I make just about every year, and every year by December I am still the crazed, disheveled, messy, cluster-cluck that I was before.  However, this year I asked for “organizing” items for Christmas and received a ton of great things to help.  I spent most of the New Years weekend completely organizing and cleaning my craft room – and I have to say… It looks GOOD!  And I can find stuff!  There is a place for everything, and everything is (currently) in its place!

Check back with me around March to see how this is going…


2)  Focus on Customer Service. No matter where I am working, I pride myself in my customer service ability and always have.  There is nothing that peeves me more than bad customer service.

So this year, I want to be known as that person that is willing to do and go beyond the call of duty to make her customers happy.  Now, this doesn’t mean I am willing to let people walk all over me (oh, heck no!) but to see each opportunity that I am faced with as an opportunity to WOW someone.  I like to WOW people.  WOWing is fun.


3)  Take Chances.  I really want to focus on taking chances, grabbing new opportunities and stepping out of my comfort zone this year.  I did quite a bit of this in 2010, but I want to do even more this year!

For example, I plan on partaking in my first “large” craft fair (maybe I’ll do 2?).  I am currently working on landing a fairly large wholesale order – my first ever.  I am constantly brainstorming other avenues and mediums to express my creativity and its is my goal to evolve these “ideas” into actual, tangible things.

Although things might seem risky or the end result is unknown, the only way I am going to grow, as a business and a person, is if I take the leap and go for it!


4)  RELAX.  When I’ve taken on too much… When I’m feeling overwhelmed… When I have no control… Where there is no end in sight…  I need to remember to take a breath and just let it go.  Don’t sweat the small stuff, right?


5)  Just Be Me.  Lastly, I am going to continue focusing on being true to myself and being my own person.  Celebrate my talents, embrace my quirks and come to terms with my weaknesses.  I am who I am… and why should I be any different?


I’m looking forward to 2011!

Merry Christmas from Creativity is Messy!!

As Christmas is rapidly approaching, I don’t know how much blogging I will get to before the big day.  So, I wanted to make sure that I wish everyone a very, very, merry Christmas and happy holiday season!

I hope this holiday has filled you with joy and love, and of course the true meaning on the season!  Bless you all!

❤ Tera

Creativity is “Jolly” today!

Long time, no blogging….

I have been on a short hiatus from my blog as of lately, but I am hoping to change that today.   I’m starting with just a short post today, but hoping to get back to at least a “once-a-week” status from here on out!

Life has been a little hectic.  Work was crazy busy, but recently began to slow down.  My Etsy shop was fairly slow, but recently began to become crazy busy.  I have been doing the craft fair thing and am currently preparing for my annual Christmas open house.  Oh, and then there is the traditional holiday rustle and bustle… YIKES!! 

However, I really do love this time of year.  I could do without the bitter cold, the high heat bill and the icy roads – but I can not be more excited about these upcoming weeks.  I’m especially looking forward to my Christmas Open House.  I love decorating and preparing for the big day, and I just adore seeing and talking to all that visit.

If you live in the Spokane Area, and you would like to attend the Creativity is Messy Christmas Open House, please do!!  I would love to see you there!

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