My customers are AWESOME!!

I have received some really great feedback from some of my customers recently.  I am so happy that people are enjoying my work!

One in particular: this weekend a gal that purchased one of my necklaces for her mother sent me a note telling me that it nearly brought her mother to tears.  The necklace was part of my “Bird Nest” series, and had a small red cardinal with its nest full of eggs.  Apparently, her grandmother who had passed away 10 years ago, loved cardinals.  She bought the necklace for her mom for Mother’s Day in memory of her grandmother. 

Needless to say, her mom wasn’t the only one who was almost brought to tears!  I love that she shared her story with me. 

I have some pretty amazing customers!


Sparrow Nest Necklace for Sale!

About a month ago, I designed a necklace for a local artist forum located here in Spokane.  The group is called RiVerSpeAK, and they are an amazing collective of local artists (check them out at   The “pieces” that were shown during thier launch party were refective of their theme “Nest”. 

Unfortunately, my peice did not sell.  However, it gave me a chance to put it up on my Etsy site (  It is one of the spendy-er items on my site ($33), but it is because the material used was hand patina-ed by another etsy artist (  I love the look of the sparrows!  The patina over the turquoise coloring looks awesome!  She does awesome work.

Anyway, here is a pic….

Sparrows in Nest Necklace

I’ll be posting in on my etsy site tonight.  Go take a look!