Valentine’s Day is just around the corner!!

Here are a few faves from my shop that are sure to please!


“Gnome Love, Like Our Love” Tiny Terrarium Necklace with Loving Gnome Couple


The Mr. and Mrs. Bottle Cap Magnets (also come in Mr. & Mr. and Mrs. & Mrs.)


“Love Potion” Necklace


Set of 3 Valentine’s Day Bauble Rings


“Love Birds” Necklace




Four Fabulous Friday Finds 2-18

This weeks Friday finds are quirky and original – my favorite kind!

I think every man should be interchangeable like this (just kidding, honey… calm down!).  These “Make Your Own Man” Interchangeable Cubes are the creation of Sandra Etrovic (  They are made from prints of her own original illustrations and are simply adorable!


These Mug Shot greeting cards crack me up!  I just love the look on the cats face.  Kate Funk ( is behind these hilarious cards – along with many others featuring her cute kitty, AC.  I know of a few dogs that may need to be processed into central booking!! 

Okay, these are simply adorable.  Check out Mibo (  downloadable, do-it-yourself art.  The Wild Bunch (pictured here) is a collection of 4 make-them-yourself paper animals.  Fun for kids and adults!!

Okay, so I have a soft-spot for recycled / repurposed art.  This gorgeous scarf by Malam ( is made from recycled vintage mail bags.  Just one word… AWESOME!!

Arm Warmers Giveaway!

Creativity is Messy has officially reached 200 fans on Facebook – which means it is time for another contest!! 


These dark chocolate-brown fingerless gloves are made from a salvaged t-shirt and are decorated with tan and brown buttons and bows.  They are a “slouchy” style and can be worn with a short or sleeveless top, or over a tighter long sleeve shirt as well.  They are really fun, cute and just perfect for the fall season.

To win these cute arm warmers, go to Creativity is Messy on Etsy and choose an item that you think would make a great gift this holiday season (either for you or for someone else).  Then leave a comment (either on here or on facebook) telling everyone which item you chose and why.

The entry deadline is Sunday, September 19th at 11:59 pm.  I will randomly choose a winner on Monday, September 20th, sometime in the AM, and post their name on my blog, Facebook and Twitter pages.

Would you like to have additional entries?

1) Become a fan on Facebook ( – or if you are already a fan, share the contest link on your page.

2) Follow on Twitter ( – or if you already follow, tweet about the contest.

Just make sure to include in your comments which additional entries you participated in to receive the additional credit!

Good luck!!

“You did what with my old t-shirts?”

Another day, another craft….  this one turned out really cool!! 

I saw a book the other day at Michael’s and paroosed through it as I waited in the tremendously long line (my fault for going there on a saturday, less than 2 weeks before Christmas).  The book is called “Generation T” and has some awesome ideas to turn boring old t-shirts into fabulous fashions.  I am going to go back and get it for my daughter who loves to make t-shirt designs, but I have to wait for another 40% off coupon.

Anyway, the book had this idea for a scarf made from an old t-shirt.  Which was super cute, but required a little bit of sewing.  Since I don’t have a sewing machine, I went home and googled “t-shirt scarf”.  I found some of the cutest designs, many of which required no sewing at all. 

Next I found some under t-shirts of my husbands that he has never worn because they were too short (being 6’6″ – it happens much too often).  I chose those because they are super soft and have no seams on the sides.  I took some fabric dye and dyed them a light teal color.  Once they were dyed, washed well and dried, I got out my sharp scissors and started snipping. 

I cut across the shirt just under the armpits.  Then I cut off the bottom seam.  This left me with a “tube”.  I laid the tube down flat and cut 1″ wide strips from side to side leaving me with around 10 strips of fabric that formed a circle.  I cut a strip from what was remaining from the t-shirt that was 1″ wide and about 1′ long.  I gathered my 10 strips and tied them together with the extra piece.

Example I found to inspire....

My Pink Tie-Dye Scarf

  I like to double it around my neck for a fuller look and warmer feel. 

Pink Tie-Dyed Scarf wrapped twice

I plan on trying some of the other designs that I found as well.  I’ll keep you all posted on how they turn out!