Cogratulations Connie!

A big congrats to Connie, the winner of our arm warmers contest! 

Thank you to everyone that participated!  I am looking forward to having another giveaway very soon.

And the Winner is…..

Congratulations to Lauren Bauer!   The winner of our very first Blog Giveaway! 

Thank you to all the entered!  I will be doing this again very soon, so keep checking back for updates!

Winner, Winner… Chicken Dinner!!

WARNING!! This post is sure to ensue extreme jealousy!  Please prepare yourself to be green with envy! 

  As many people know, I love winning prizes (just ask my local radio station). 

About a week or so ago, I entered a contest on Facebook from Two Crafty Chicks Handmade Cards & Gifts.  As a ‘fan’ (or a person who ‘likes’ them… whatever) I saw that they were having a give-away and decided to enter.  And… guess what?  I won!  Whoo-hoo!!!!

 I originally found Two Crafty Chicks on Etsy ( through the forums.  I instantly feel in love with their soaps (which sounded good enough to eat – or in some cases, drink!) and became a “fan” of theirs on Facebook (  I highly recommend checking them out!!  Besides soap, they also make journals, notebooks, cards, tags and other misc items.

 So the contest was easy.  I simply told them what scent of theirs that I would like to see them make available in other bath and body products.  I chose their Cupcake and Cosmo fragrances, because again, they sounded good enough to eat or drink.  They chose one winner from every so many entries, and I was lucky enough to be one of the people chosen.

 I have to say, I didn’t really know what to expect.  They just said that I won a “prize pack”, which could mean anything.  I was really hoping it would be one of their soaps, since I was dying to try one – but I totally would have been fine with anything they had to offer.

 When I walked into the house after work yesterday, the package was sitting on my living room cabinet, right across from the front door… almost as if it was welcoming me home.  I dropped everything and flew across the room.  In a moment that was reminiscent of waking up on Christmas morning and seeing what Santa had brought you, I tore through that box like it was made of old pantyhose.  My eyes instantly lit up and a huge, gleaming smile came across my face.

 Here is a picture of all the amazing treats I won.

Oh my goodness! OH... MY... GOODNESS!!!!!

I received 2 regular size bars of soap (Tango and Cafe Au Lait), 5 sample size soaps (Indulgence, Queen Bee, Diva, Goddess and Brekky), 4 fridge magnets, 1 large pin-back button, 2 small pin-back buttons and an index card notebook.  I totally feel spoiled now!  I cannot wait to try everything out!

P.s.  Totally need to check this out -> Two Crafty Chicks has an amazing opportunity to help someone in need.  Purchase a bar of soap and they will donate it in your name to a local shelter.  They will also match your donation – so the shelter will get two bars of soap in your honor.  Go to to find out more!!