Another Featured Seller: Orchard Farm Soap

Today, I spent a wonderful morning with my Mother and Daughter at Artfest, an amazing art and crafts show in Spokane’s Browne’s Addition Area.  Artfest happens every year, and is always filled with amazing artisans, great live music and tons of delicious food.  My mother and I have been going for longer than I can remember, and Angie has been attending since I use to have to push her in a stroller.


Anyway, today at Artfest I had the pleasure to meet, in person, my fellow Etsian and Inland Northwest team-mate, Kate Jaeckel from Orchard Farm Soap.  Kate makes some of the most amazing cold process soaps I have ever had the pleasure to get my dirty little hands on!  She also makes lotion bars, salves, lip balms, teas, perfumes and candles… and much, much more.  And the best thing is that all of her products are made from scratch with fair trade, organic oils, and botanicals grown on her very own farm.

As I spoke with Kate and her wonderful assistant (I’m assuming it was her husband, but never actually asked), I checked out her wonderful products and fell in love with her soaps.  As I ohh’d and ahh’d at all of the products, my daughter Angie told me that I should really buy something from her, being that she was my team-mate and all… like she really had to twist my arm.  Angie knows that I am a total soap and lip balm junkie.  It’s my crack.


I love chai tea, so as soon as I saw the Rooibos Chai Soap, I snagged myself a bar.  It smells so wonderful… I can’t wait to use it.

I also let Angie pick out a soap.  Even though she makes her own soap, she always loves and is inspired by other soap makers.  She is always fascinated by cold process soaps, especially all natural and organic cold process soap – which she hopes to learn how to make some day.  She loves patchouli, so she was immediately drawn to the Patchouli Orange Soap Bar.

After she took a shower tonight, the most amazing aroma filled the upstairs….  it was heavenly!!  She loved the soap and said that it not only smelt great, it lathered wonderfully.


A big thanks to the lovely Kate (and to her wonderful assistant) for the soap.  It is always a pleasure to meet fellow team-mate!!


One Proud Mama…

My 12 year old daughter, Angela, came to me about a year ago wanting to open her own Etsy shop.  She was making soaps and scrubs and wanted to do more than just a few Elementary School craft fairs with me every once in a while. 

I initially told her no, because you HAD to be 18 to sell on Etsy… or at least that is what I thought.  Then one day I was reading an Etsy Blog article about a 16 year old that started her own shop with the assistance of her Mother.  You can read the article here:

After reading that, I told Angela about it and we began brainstorming ideas for her own Etsy Shop.  In just a few short weeks we opened Germaphobe Soaps, Scrubs, Sanitizers and Smellies.

Besides wonderful, rich goat’s milk soaps, she has also been making exfoliating sugar scrubs, hand sanitizers and assorted lip balms – all of which are available in the Germaphobe shop.  


I am just so proud of my girl!  She is becoming quite the entrepreneur!!

PS.  Soon to come… a lemon & green tea sugar scrub that is 100% natural and amazing!