Be who you are and say what you feel. . .

“Be who you are and say what you feel. . .because those that matter don’t mind and those that mind don’t matter”

I’m not sure who said this, but it was brought to mind today…

No crafty talk today, but instead a little blurb about people and how some can be completely oblivious to how rude they are (although it is craft related).

I received a message on Etsy today from another seller.  She simply stated that compelled to tell me that these magnets that I had for sale were “adorable”, but that she felt they were underpriced and that I wasn’t being properly compensated for my talent.  Nicely put, and although I noticed that she sold product similar (for much more), I took it as constructive criticism and told her that I appreciated her sharing her opinion.  Which was crap… I could see her angle from a mile away.

Anyway, she felt the need to send me another message.  This time, the sweet concerned tone took a turn in a different direction.  In this message she proceeded to tell me that not only was I calculating the cost of making these items incorrectly, but she also accused me of drastically underpricing other sellers – as if that was my objective.

Now, these magnets are made from recycled beer caps.  I take used beer caps, put scrap-booking paper or magazine photos inside and then I fill them with a craft epoxy.  Then I simply hot glue a craft magnet on the back.

It doesn’t cost me a thing for the caps – as I, and many of my friends and family often enjoy a cool refreshing brew from time to time.  I (or someone else) enjoys the beverage, recycles the glass, and then I upcycle the cap.  Most of the time the pictures that I use don’t cost me a thing either.  I either use bits and pieces of old scrapbook paper, or small photos from magazines, or sometimes I print the images from my computer.  The only things that really have a measurable cost to them in this process are the epoxy and the magnet.  Although the epoxy can be a little bit spendy, I always buy it when I have a 40 or 50% off coupon.  Not to mention one box of epoxy can make 50 or so bottle caps.  I get magnets for roughly 10 cents a piece.

The last thing I consider when pricing items is the mark-up to compensate for the time and effort I put into the craft.  I rarely mark it up more than 1.5 times the cost of materials.  I take a lot of pride in my work.  However, I don’t feel that my “pride” or ego should be reflected in the price of my work.

I’m sorry that you feel so self-important that you need to charge an arm & a leg every time you glue a piece of garbage to a thumb tack.  Or maybe it is that you don’t feel good enough about yourself that you need some sort of monetary ego boost to get help you sleep at night.  Either way, I really could care less that I don’t make as much “profit” as you do.  I actually make this stuff because I love doing it, not because I want to sponge as much money from my buyers as I can.

That being said, I often wonder if people like that realize how rude they are.  Although my response isn’t exactly “nice”, I chose to post it here, rather than sending it directly to the person.  I know that they could very easily come across the link to my blog and read this – and I am okay with that.  However, it is my bet that they are so oblivious that they wouldn’t even realize that it was directed at them.

If anything, it just felt really good to get that off my chest…


Craft Room Progress

Well, I have been working diligently on fixing up my office / craft room these last few weeks.  There are still a few more things to do, like paint the walls (turquoise) and the craft table (deep red), and purchase a few misc items like a new stool and garbage can.  Other than that it has been coming along quite nicely and I am able to use it – which is wonderful.  I love having my own little creative space.

Here is a pic of my work area…

My table and temporary stool

And a pic of my “sideways” sign, and how I attempted to fix it…

Not so bad, I guess...

More Etsy Additions…

Whew!  What a crazy time of year!  I’ve been a little overwhelmed preparing for upcoming jewelry events.  I just shipped a big box of goodies to my Brother-in-law’s Mother in Ohio for a craft fair in April.  I am only 2 months away from my annual spring open house.  Not to mention all the work I have been doing for my Etsy shop.  Oh, and working full time, trying to be a involved mother and wife.  I need a clone… or at least an assistant.  Anyone know anyone one that will work for super cheap?  Like free, perhaps?

I have made a few additions to my Etsy shop ( that I am pretty excited about.  Below are some pics.  Please go check them out!

Butterfly Lariat Necklace

Long Layered Chain Necklace - My favorite!

"Love Blooms" Necklace

Sparrow Nest Necklace Sold!

Exciting news from the Etsy front!  I have officially made my first sale!  Whoo-hoo!

I put my Sparrow Nest Necklace on my Etsy site last night and early this morning I received notification that it sold!  I was way excited about it! 

This weekend I have a few more things to get posted on the site, and a few more pieces I am currently working on.  I have another T-Shirt Scarf in a wine color that I finished last night and a beautiful jasper necklace that I finished up earlier this week.  Although it is just one sale, it has really inspired and motivated me to get some more stuff done and listed as soon as possible. 

Stay tuned!  More great things to come 😉

Sparrow Nest Necklace for Sale!

About a month ago, I designed a necklace for a local artist forum located here in Spokane.  The group is called RiVerSpeAK, and they are an amazing collective of local artists (check them out at   The “pieces” that were shown during thier launch party were refective of their theme “Nest”. 

Unfortunately, my peice did not sell.  However, it gave me a chance to put it up on my Etsy site (  It is one of the spendy-er items on my site ($33), but it is because the material used was hand patina-ed by another etsy artist (  I love the look of the sparrows!  The patina over the turquoise coloring looks awesome!  She does awesome work.

Anyway, here is a pic….

Sparrows in Nest Necklace

I’ll be posting in on my etsy site tonight.  Go take a look!